Major Risk Management

Our approach is based on close collaboration with our clients to understand their operations, identify their vulnerable points, and design strategies that allow them to anticipate critical situations.

Bow Tie Analysis

We are pioneers in facilitating Bow Tie Analysis at a national level, applicable to all sectors of the industry. Our analysis evaluates impacts in the areas of health, safety, environment, corporate image, and financial impact. Our personalized approach allows us to identify potential hazards and their possible consequences in critical areas such as health, safety, environment, corporate image, and financial impact.

Critical Controls Management ICMM

We apply the 9 steps of the ICMM Methodology in the management of Critical Controls, achieving effective results in the management of major risks. We adapt our methodology to the specific needs of your company to identify and manage critical controls in an effective and efficient manner.

Fatal Risk Protocol Audit

We specialize in auditing Fatal Risk Protocols to ensure the safety and efficiency of your company. We are committed to identifying and evaluating fatal risks within your organization, from assessment to the implementation of preventive and mitigation measures. Our goal is to ensure that your company is always protected from the most critical risks.