Digital Bow Tie

Do you have control over the risk?

Three simple steps to effective risk management

HSK Global Solutions offers expert consultancy in Critical Control Management Systems, which is backed up by a proprietary technological solution for Bow tie Development.

Step 1

Identifying significant

Through a methodical examination using Digital Bow Tie, with the assistance of technical specialists, and by applying the materiality criteria of each firm, we identify Material Unwanted Events- MUE that may have an impact on Corporate Objectives.

Step 2

Identifying critical controls

Through our software, we evaluate critical controls in a quick and efficient manner, concentrating on relevant controls that prevent or lessen MUEs while making efficient use of the organization’s time and resources.

Step 3

Assessing the efficiency and performance of critical controls

Each control has a standard that supports it, making it simpler to use and verify, as well as triggers that stop operations or launch investigations. We develop essential items that demand field validation, verify their effectiveness in use, support control effectiveness Test (CET) and Material Risk Control Assessments (MRCA), and track the management of MUE.

The Benefits of Working with HSK

We're one step closer to recognizing opportunities.

We are quick to improve risk analysis processes and collaborate with your company to optimize resource requirements. HSK combines best practices in critical control risk management with a software-based cloud solution. HSK collaborates with experts from the mining, energy, multimodal transportation, logistics, and construction industries.
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